How To Install Google Fonts : A definitive Guide

How To Install Google Fonts
How To Install Google Fonts

Whether you are using macOS, Windows or Linux Google font is here to help you apply great web fonts to your website easily and fastly. Google font is a library of hundreds of fonts. 

Millions of professional bloggers and website owners are using Google Fonts on their websites. Here is How To Install Google Fonts on Your website easily.

What is Google Fonts

Launched back in 2010, Google Fonts is a vast library to download and install 1005 free licensed font families. You can easily insert these fonts on your website using APIs, CSS import function, and so on.

There are literally thousands of font families to choose from, and you can even customize the font size, Thickness, Slant, Width, and Styles. 

You can even download the selected font on your computer as well.


How to Install Google Font

Now part from API, google fonts offer two ways to use the fonts on your website, first is the <link> tag and second the @import rule.

Steps to Install Google Font

1. Select the font you like by just clicking on the font itself
2. Now choose the style and font-size
3. After selecting the style and font size, click +select this style option on the right
4. Now click the icon on the upper right corner, to view your elected font families

5. Now choose the option you want to use <link> tag or @import rule. 
6. If you're using the <link> tag, then copy the given link tag code from google fonts and paste it in between the head tag of your HTML. 
7. Now just use the given CSS rules to specify font families on your HTML. 
8. If you wanna use the @import rule, then copy-paste the given @import rule code from google fonts to your HTML code, and use the CSS rule to specify the font family.


That's it, now you know how to use customer fonts using Google Fonts, now you can make your website look even greater. 

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