ASUS Rog Strix GT35 series has been launched with a Stunning design for Esports.

ASUS Rog Strix GT35

ASUS Rog India has tweeted it's brand new ASUS Rog GT35 Series Gaming PC with a face-melting design as well as Performance. They guarantee up to 300 FPS in Overwatch while in FHD settings and 143 FPS in Far Cry 5 in FHD Ultra settings. They also mentioned this desktop can be equipped with up to Nvidia RTX 2080ti and Intel Core i9 10th Gen CPUs. 

Accelerate to victory with up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor & up to RTX 2080 Ti Graphics in our tournament-ready #Strix #GT35 gaming desktop!

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— ASUS ROG IN (@ASUS_ROG_IN) September 20, 2020


As competitive plays demand higher FPS in higher time of Play ROG GT35 comes with an aerodynamic chassis with widened vents giving the internal Water cooling system more Cool air. It has EMI shielded glass on this side giving you a beautiful look at what's running inside.


The gameplay is smooth as silk as it has RTX 2080ti and intel i9 10gen processor inside. Hope we would also get an option of RTX 3000 series in the future. AI overlocking making it easy for everyone to overclock and maximize the performance. With a space of up to 128GB DDR4 Ram, you can even do 100 tasks at a time.

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