HP Omen 15 Price,Specifications and Review

HP OMEN 15 has Intel i7 and Ryzen 5 with a Graphics card up to RTX 2070 super. It has a 4k UHD/ AMOLED Display/ Full HD Display with a 300Mhz display with a price of 2 lakh 10 thousand.


  • HP Omen 15 and HP Pavillion 16 comes with AMB/INTEL CPU Options
  • HP Omen 15 and HP Pavillion 16 has 300Hz refresh rate display
  • It has 32 GB DDR4 Ram

OMEN 15 By HP is a complete gaming beast. It has a very compact design with 2 down facing cooler covered with a big vent on the bottom which keeps it soo cool even on playing heavy games and overclocking it. 

Key Specifications

HP Omen 15 comes with a 15-inch display and 180° bend. It comes with the option of 4K UHD or AMOLED Display or FULL HD Displfay. Coming to the processor, you have two options, first one is the intel i7 H-7 Series and the second one is AMD Ryzen 5 H-7 Series. For a powerful gaming experience it has built-in 32 GB DDR4 Ram And Upto Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU. For storage option is has 1TB of SSD which makes your game run faster.


Better Cooling Technology

Bigger Vents

Performance Control

RGB Backlit

Pricing And Configuration

HP Omen 15 With AMB Ryzen 5 and Nvidia RTX 2070 super, 32 GB Ram Version costs you too much. You will probably think this is too much for this configuration, and you are right!. But this is best suited for those who wanted to play games on the go And wanted a compact gaming beast. But I'll suggest if you are going to play games at home this is not an option for you ill suggest you for a Good Gaming PC rather than a Gaming Laptop.

Omen 15 Best Deals



HP Omen 15 is a very compact and slim Gaming Laptop with this much configuration. It has a big vent on the bottom and a side facing vent on the back. You'll get a front-firing soundbar on the top off the keyboard side which makes it much cooler. It has a backlit keyboard with a fully customizable Backlit keyboard. And a very unique OMEN logo on the back. 


HP Omen comes with Processor of AMD Ryzen 5 and Intel i7 Processor with 32 GB of Ram and up to Nvidia RTX 2070 super. This is best suited for those on the go gamers who just wanted to play games everywhere because it is very compact and lightweight. But if you are going t play games only at home ill suggest you for a Gaming PC rather than a laptop, as it costs too much.
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