Top 3 Best PC Games For 2020 October

  • Best PC Games for 2020 in September
  • Including Valorant, Battlefield, and Call Of Duty

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On this list, you'll find some of the best PC games available for you to play right now. Recent esports games and some modern high-end games.

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Apex Legends

Released: 2019 | Developer: Respawn

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This is one of the best Battle Royal PC Games available. I really liked this game. Very challenging and fast-paced. You must work with your team to score a win, so find 2 other players that mess well with you if possible. Each character has their own set of abilities that make them more powerful. Movements like running walking and jumping are very fun.


Released: 2020 | Developer: Riot Games

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One thing Valorant does well is allowing teams enough resources (player abilities and decent pistol options) to win an economy round (around where you look to save money until you can fully buy everything you need) by outplaying the enemy team while not making pistols 
powerful enough to beat a team with guns.

Call Of Duty WARZONE

Released: 2020 | Devoloper: Infinity Ward, Raven software

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For as much as Call of DutyWarzone borrows from the best of its competition, it's full of smart conveniences that are quickly making it my circle-shrinking murderfest of choice. You die quicker, but also heal faster. A lot of it has to do with Warzone's relaxed take on looting. Graphics, Physics, Movemnet  and quality is the best.

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