What is WhatsApp web? And how do you use it?

Whatsaap web makes it easy to keep your messages up-to-date and really someone instantly. This is a service provided by Whatsapp which lets you control your Whatsapp app (which is in your smartphone) with your PC laptops or whatever desktop. 

There is also a desktop app for windows/macOS which works in the same manner as what WhatsApp app does. You can download it from Whatsapp/download and in case if you don't want to download any desktop app or software you can go for a web-version of WhatsApp at web.whatsapp.com

Let's take a look at how to do that

What is WhatsApp web/ WhatsApp desktop app

They are nothing but remote control of your WhatsApp app installed on your smartphone. Using Whatsapp web and WhatsApp desktop app you can mirror all your mobile WhatsApp into your desktop screen. You can reply to someone, you can start a new conversation, you can access archives, starred messages group and even you can do a video call. 

How to do that?

You just open your laptop or mac and head to the web.whatsapp.com then you open your smartphone WhatsApp app and in the upper right corner you'll see 3 dots here you will find an option named WhatsApp web, click on that and it will prompt you to allow for the camera, then you have to scan the QR code which is given in your web.whatsapp.com site and scan it. 

Once, you've don't that you can put your smartphone anywhere and do everything with just your laptop or PC

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