4 Ways To Make Your Playstation 4 (PS4) Run Better and Smoother

4 Ways To Make Your Playstation 4 (PS4) Run Better and Smoother and How to delete cache from your PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

Many of you probably have been familiar with the laggy and crappy experience of playing games on your PlayStation 4, sometimes they got raged and even smash their PlayStation, but don't do that. We've got 4 Ways To Make Your Playstation 4 (PS4) Run Better and Smoother. And I will also tell you how to delete cache from PlayStation 4 in method 3rd. 

1. Sorting Out Your Friend List

This will not affect your PS4 that much but it can give a little boost to your PS4. As for every friend added to your list, it will consume your space and likely to decrease your Playstation speed.

2. Clearing your messages

Like in your smartphones sometimes when you are running out of storage you guys might have tried at least once to clear out those unwanted and unnecessary chats. If you clean your messages from Playstation it will surely decrease the usage of R.A.M as well as Storage.

3. Deleting Cache - Best Method

To do this remove all the power and connection cables from your Playstation 4 and turn it off completely, after doing this wait for about 40 seconds to 1 Minute. And then restart your PlayStation, this will force your PlayStation to delete all the cache data, this is the only way to clean your PlayStation's Cache, there is no in-built feature or option something. This will completely make your PlayStation from laggy to smooth.

4. Uninstalling unwanted or completed games

Sometimes when you complete your game but you didn't uninstall it, don't do this will decrease your PlayStation speed a lot and will also capture a lot of space. Sometimes these games run in the background and use resources which then results in decreased performance

5. Factory Reset

If none of the methods given above work, it might be a hardware issue or driver incompatibility, to fix this Factory reset your PlayStation this will delete all your games and will make your PlayStation completely reset to 0 and will make it a brand new one. (Make sure to take a backup of all your Games, Audio, Videos, and Media to an external place as HardDrive or something)

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