ColorOS 11 Now Let's You Translate Your Whole Screen Instantly within 1 seconds: Here is how


  • New ColorOS 11 Have Some New and Interesting Features That You Need To Know.
  • You can Translate your message or a part of the screen with just a 3 finger gesture.
  • You can also translate your Whole Screen Using the New ColorOS 11 Slidebar feature.

Earlier in September when ColorOS 11 was launched by Oppo, we have seen many leaks and key features of the New ColorOS11. Many of the new phones like Oppo's Reno 4 series will have this ColorOS 11 on them. 

Recently, a tweet from ColorOS 11 has cleared about the translate gesture of the new ColorOS 11. So let's just recall how you can use this gesture in ColorOS 11.

3 Finger translate on Screenshot

There is no Rocket Science in using this feature, you just open the text area or message you want to translate, Then you have to slide all your 3 fingers over that message or text this will open a new window containing the screenshot that you have taken, 

Now on the bottom, you will find a Translate button, click on that. It will automatically open Google lens and will translate it to any language you want. This process can be done within 3 seconds.

Translate The Whole Screen

To do this slide inwards from right to left in order to open a sidebar, Now you will see a Translate button on the sidebar, just click on that and within 2 seconds it will translate your whole screen to any language you want.

How Does It Work

Oppo has integrated the famous feature Google Lens feature on their OS to make it easy for users to access it. However, Google Lens is free software you can also download it from Play Store for your smartphones. 

Can your phone get these gestures without ColorOS 11?

The straight answer is, No. The Sidebar and 3 Finger gesture is a Feature built by ColorOS for their ColorOS 11. By just download, the Google Lens app will not add these functionalities to your smartphones.
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