MOJO M1 Gaming Mouse announced by MAD CATZ

MOJO M1 Gaming Mouse, Source: MAD CATZ

  • MAD Catz Announced the MOJO M1 Gaming Mouse
  • The MOJO M1 features PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor
  • You can adjust the DPI and RGB from the mouse, without the use of software or drivers.

MAD CATZ, the leading innovator in the Gaming Hardware industry has announced the MOJO M1 Gaming mouse in a press release. MOJO M1 is completely focused on the best gaming performance with a lightweight design weighing only 70g. 

Mojo M1 Gaming Mouse


Mojo m1 Gaming Mouse
MOJO M1 Design, Source:

The MOJO M1 is built using Avian nest concept design, it has a hollow-pyramid design giving the perfect grip for your palms and claws, making it the perfect choice for long plays or even esports plays. 

Sensor and RGB illumination

The MOJO M1 Gaming mouse supports RGB illumination that can be directly adjusted from buttons given in the mouse, without the need for any software or drivers. The MOJO M1 has PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor, offering fast-tracking ability, reducing the delay to almost 0. 

DPI and DAKOTA™ mechanical switches,

DAKOTA™ mechanical switches, source: MAD CATZ

Also, the DPI (Dots per inch) can be adjusted directly from the mouse, without the use of any software or driver. The MOJO M1 Gaming mouse is the first-ever mouse in the world featuring the brand new Mad Catz DAKOTA™ mechanical switches, 

this technology processes signal registration and accelerates the response time of the switch within only 2 milliseconds (60% faster than the other mechanical switches.)

Pricing and availability

The MOJO M1 Gaming Mouse will start shipping by the end of this November however the availability and the pricing may vary by region. Mad CATZ said if you have any doubt about the availability and pricing of the MOJO M1 Gaming mouse then you should contact MAD CATZ

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