PUBG Comeback in India: Everything there is to know


PUBG Mobile India

Almost 3 months have passed since PUBG Mobile was initially banned along with other 118 Chinese apps, finally, PUBG has made their big move towards re-entry in India once again.

PUBG Mobile India Website

Recently PUBG Corporation has launched its Official website, along with some teaser videos featuring three PUBG players(Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan).

PUBG Regional Office in Delhi

PUBG has also made official that they will employ almost 100 employees for it's India office, and as per the Job posted on LinkedIn by PUBG Corporation, the location of their operations would be in New Delhi.

PUBG LinkedIn job post
PUBG LinkedIn job post

2 Days ago PUBG shared a feed on Linkedin that the Indian version of Pubg Mobile will release soon, in the feed PUBG has said that 

"Dear Fan, PUBG Mobile’s Indian version set to be launched soon🤗🤗✌️✌️✌️a, new game created specifically for the Indian market."

PUBG to Invest 100$ Million, Partnering with Microsoft Azure

PUBG has also released a press release stating that the company will be investing about 100$ Millions with it's Parent Company Krafton Inc., PUBG has also made public that they will be partnering with Microsoft Azure for the hosting of game.


We should get to play the new PUBG in few weeks or months, but before that PUBG has to face some more bumps as the Government is not about to just let them have it their way.

If the PUBG Corp. is able comply with all the policies and rules imposed by the Government only then that will be able to re-launch the PUBG Mobile Indian version.
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