5 More games dropped in the Stadia Store this week: Here's the list


5 More games in Stadia, Source: Stadia

  • Stadia Announced 5 more games in Stadia Store.
  • Stadia to do a live hangout with their fans on Youtube on December 3rd.

Recently, Stadia announced to launch 5 more games on their Stadia store with pricing included as well. They also said that they will be doing a live Hangout in which they want to give you chance to hang out with their hosts, Do a live Q&A with the developer team behind Immortals Fenyx Rising Game, Get some updates from Stadia Games & Entertainment, They will also show you four new trailer and more.

The stadia live hangout will be live at 9AM PST/5PM GMT on Thursday, December 3rd via Youtube. They are going to play games with the viewers and talk to them, So make sure you have your Stadia Pro Free Trail ready.

5 More games dropped in the Stadia Store

  1. Immortals Fenyx Rising: This open-world action game has arrived at the Stadia Store, pre-orders for the game will start from December 3rd. Try the exclusive demo on Stadia right now!
  2. Outward: This Open-World fantasy game has launched at the stadia store. You can buy this game right now for only $39.99 or €39.99.
  3. Chronos: Before the Ashes: Chronos: Before the Ashes is an atmospheric RPG that chronicles a hero's lifelong quest to save their homeland from a great evil. Available on stadia store to buy right now for $29.99 or €29.99.
  4. PHOGS!: In this game, you play in a duo with your friend as a dog in the puzzle-filled adventure world. The order will start on December 3rd. 
  5. El Hijo: El Hijo is a stealth game from Honig Studios. Buy it for $19.99 or €19.99 from December 3

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