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Samsung QLED
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Television Industry is achieving the hights which were never seen before, and almost every company is making their move towards becoming the leading brand in Television Market.

Samsung is one of the biggest names out their in Television Market, and Samsung has made a leap into 2021 with its new Samsung QLED Television which uses the all-new Quantum Dots, to improve the viewing experience and picture quality.

Samsung's QLED Television supports up to 4K resolution and brings features like 4k AI Upscaling, Adaptive Picture, No-Screen Burn-In, Direct Full Array 20, and Quantum HDR 16x.

Here are all the features of Samsung QLED Television you need to know

Features of Samsung QLED Television

4K AI Upscaling

All new Samsung QLED Television uses 4K AI upscaling which automatically analyses the input source and reduces the image noise, restores details, and define the edges around text and objects


Samsung QLED Television adapts to the surrounding environment and adjusts the brightness automatically to improve the viewing experience.

Zero Screen Burn-In

It's a common thing for Televisions to lose the details in the picture as time passes, but the new Samsung QLED Television assures 10 years of viewing experience without any screen burn-in and provides the fine details forever.

Quantum HDR 16X

Using the all new HRD10+ technology Samsung QLED Television brings out the best rich and accurate deeper contract. The Dynamic Tone Mapping of HDR10+ changes the colour and contract based on the scene, giving you every minor detail.

 Object Tracking Sound (OTS)

Samsung QLED Television uses up-firing and down-firing speakers, to give the realistic 3d sound that tracks every motion. 

Active Voice amplifier

Active Voice Amplifier used by Samsung QLED Television amplifies the voices based on the background noises so that you get clear dialogues in every scene.

Ambient Mode+ 

Samsung QLED Television can make it disappear using the Ambient Mode+ by blending into the walls of your home.

One Wire Connection

Samsung QLED Television uses only one nearly-visible cable that connects all of the external devices and makes your television clutter-free.


Samsung QLED Television can put one content you're watching on one side and mirroring your mobile screen on the other side. Giving you the freedom to watch two content's at the same time.

Tap to Mirror 

You can mirror Movies, Music from your Mobile by just tapping your mobile to Samsung QLED Television. Samsung QLED Television senses the tap and mirrors the smartphones  screen automatically.

Price of Samsung QLED Television

Samsung QLED Television comes in three sizes, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch.
  • 55-inch: Rs. 1,66,990
  • 65-inch: Rs. 2,59,990
  • 75-inch: Rs. 6,29,990

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