Among us Ship map Revealed: Coming with new Areas, Kill animation and more in Early 2021

Among us Ship map Revealed
Among us Ship map Revealed

Previously, Innersloth launched a Winter update of Among us, and they also revealed that a new Henry Stickmin Inspired Starship map is coming and is under development. Now, on Game Awards 2020, Innersloth launched a trailer of their new Starship Revealing some areas, tasks, and kill animation as well. 

Launch Date of Among us Starship Map

As stated at the end of their New trailer, the Ship map which is inspired by the Henry Stickmin collection is launching in early 2021. The Starship map might get launched before the end of February 2021.

New Kill animation in Among us starship Map

New Kill Animation In Among us the ship map

We've seen a new kill animation in the among us starship trailer, in this kill animation the imposter throws a Kame Hame Ha like Beam towards the Crewmate and the half body of the crewmate gets vanished including its bone.

New Ladder and Teleportation in Among us Starship Map

In this map, we've also seen a ladder that transfers you from one point to another. They have also added a moving stage. There you will also see a teleporter which allows you to teleport to Engine Room, Records, or Main Hall. 

New Tasks

There are some new tasks such as cleaning a Ruby Diamond, Removing the blocked wool piece from a pipe, and move on. 

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