Apple Teacher Program now in India: Everything you need to know about it

Apple teacher now available in India
Apple teacher now available in India, image by Apple

You might have been familiar with Apple's tech Programme, previously it was not available for India, but today Apple Education on Twitter announced that the Apple Education Program is now available in India.

Previously it was available for 35 other countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

What is Apple Teacher Program

Basically, it is a program created only for Education in simple words teacher. The Apple teacher Program integrated with Apple's devices like iPads, iPhones, Macs, and built-in apps to help teachers in their classrooms. 

By signing up for the Apple Teacher program, you'll get access to the Apple Teacher Learning Center where you can build skills, collect badges, and earn recognition as an Apple Teacher. The Apple teacher learning center also lets you receive Teacher stories, Facts, Tips & Tricks & teaching ideas.

How to sign-up for the Apple Teacher Program

One can sign-up for the Apple Teacher Program using their personal Apple ID, or a Managed ID (given by your School/College). However, if you are using a managed Apple ID, you should have the role of Instructor, manager, or an administrator.

Create your personal Apple ID here.

What updates you'll get into your Email

By signing up to the Apple teacher program via whether a Personal ID or weather a Managed ID, you'll receive Helpful stories, Ideas, and tips into the Email address associated with your Apple ID you used to sign-up. Check your associated Email Address here

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