Hitman 2 servers going to be offline for Hitman 3

HITMAN 2 Servers going offline for Hitman 3 preparation
HITMAN 2 Servers going offline for Hitman 3 preparation 

We are around 2 months away from the Global launch of Hitman 3 for PC, Consoles, and cloud platforms.

And, IO Interactive already started back-end preparation of Hitman 3, and as a result, we are facing a lot of Hitman 2 maintenance break.

Like the previous server maintenance break, held on December 9, 2020, Hitman 2 servers are again going in a maintenance break. 

IO Interactive cleared, that Hitman 2 is going down between 10am - 2pm CET for PS4/PS5 maintenance break.

Current Status of Hitman 2 Servers

Currently, Hitman 2 Servers are not offline, they were Offline on December 9 when IOI was preparing for Hitman 3. Hitman 2 Servers are live now!

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