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Since meta keywords are not that effective in 2020 because Google, today has literally tons of algorithms working to determine the ranking of each post. Meta keywords used to be the must about 5-6 years ago, because back then, 

Google crawlers were not that smart to understand what content is good or bad, so they used to determine the ranking of each post by crawling the keyword density and Meta Keywords tag of each post. And, according to 

"Meta-keywords are dead. Do not use them. 
The keywords meta-tag was really designed in 1995 for very archaic old search engines and some could argue that the rise of Google was actually because of older search engines relying too much on this tag."

I am not against adding Keywords in blogger post, I still trust that these can increase the chance of your website appearing in the SERP Results. Let's get straight into how to add keywords in blogger posts, but first, do checkout bloggertutorials for awesome tutorials and how-tos.:

Step 1: Sign in to your blogger blog and go to Theme/Edit HTML

Step 1: Insert keywords in blogger post
Step 1: Insert keywords in blogger post

Step 2: Search for <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>or <b:include name='head-content'/> 
and paste the code given below just above it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “URL OF YOUR BLOG POST
<meta content=’META KEYWORDS’ name=’keywords’/>

  • Replace "URL OF YOUR BLOG POST" with the URL of the post in which you want to insert the keywords
  • Replace "META KEYWORDS" with the keywords you want to insert into your post [Note: Each keyword should be comma separated]

Step 3: Now you are all done, You have successfully added Keywords in blogger post, You can visit the page source of that blog post to see if the keywords are there in the pace to do this:

  • Open the page where you inserted those keywords
  • Right-click anywhere inside the page, and click "Page Source"
  • Look for the keywords you inserted between <head> </head> tag

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