How to play Multiplayer in Real Racing 3?, and Online Multiplayer Events in Real Racing 3

How to play Multiplayer in Real Racing 3
How to play Multiplayer with friends in Real Racing 3

You might have been familiar with this  Awesome Racing Game, The Real Racing 3. The game is currently available for Android, and iOS as well. The game is very Awesome has good Physics and Graphics. 

I've seen a lot of peoples wondering how they can play Real Racing 3, multiplayer with their friends, so in this article, we'll discuss how Multiplayer in Real Racing 3 works, and is it even possible to Play Real Racing 3 Multiplayer with your friends. Let's get straight into our topic "how to play multiplayer with friends in real racing 3"

Actual Real Life Peoples

All your competition featured in all the race activities is real Players who've raced at the identical Race track before you. Here A.I. Additionally performs its own part– so that the opponents don’t overlap each other’s, responding on your pushes/hits.

Real Life Based Tracks

All cars and brand names featured in real racing three honestly exist within the real world too. The automobiles are designed with intense precision and their interior and outside detailing areas plenty close as feasible with their real-world counterparts.

Real-life damages

Every time you race, your acceleration, speed, brakes, even damages, everything resembles an actual international scenario. In fact, the servicing to be completed after your car suffers huge harm calls for you to wait till your car is ready. This will take something between a few minutes to a few hours relying on the amount of service required. You may additionally skip the wait time in a change of gold cash or preserve racing with other vehicles you personal.

Multiplayer in Real Racing 3 (TSM/ Time-shifted match)

Well, Time shifter Multiplayer or TSM Multiplayer is basically a system that lets you Race against The Recorded Ghost of your friends. For example, if any of your friends have played a particular match, and now you are going to play it then one of your opponent racers is going to be your friend's Ghost (which is basically a recording of your friend driving).

Issues with TSM/ Time-shifted Match

Time-shifted multiplayer (TSM) is a brand new idea in gaming. And it’s being featured on android recreation that is turning into increasingly more famous regular. Thousands and thousands of users sign-in and race the tracks of actual Real racing 3. 

An opponent racing in a particular track may not come across the contemporary version of your lap time if you have raced multiple instances on it.
No longer all buddies can be competed with. Every now and then, a selected buddy might not seem like an opponent in a race even though he/she had completed the equal race.

It isn't vital that gamers will always compete in opposition to their fastest lap time. Some time-shifted version may be from any of the tries you've got made on the precise race event.

How to Play Multiplayer with friends In Real Racing 3

1. Click the gear icon at the bottom-left section to open Settings

How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3
How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3

2. Connect Real Racing 3 with Google Play Game or Facebook

How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3
How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3

3. Now your friend's Ghost (if any) will be matched in your Races & will be shown in the red area shown below:

How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3
How to enable Time-shifted Match (TSM) In Real Racing 3

Online Multiplayer Events In Real Racing 3

Online Multiplayer Events In Real Racing 3
Online Multiplayer Events In Real Racing 3

The game recently added a new Mode called "Online Multiplayer events" that lets you play against the Real player in Real-time, but again you cant play with your friends in Real-time. 

These events are held for a limited time (like some days or weeks), and in the last of the event, everyone is rewarded according to how much they have scored in the races held during the event.

However, these events include only high-end supercars, and you cant use your personal cars from your Garage. Since the high-end cars cost a lot & are expensive, Real Racing 3 provides at least one Rental car to players so that they can play the Online Multiplayer event.

Final thoughts

Real Racing 3 provides some multiplayer modes like TSM Matches and Online multiplayer events, but they cant be played with your friends in Real-time. In TSM Mode players play against their friend's Recorded ghosts, 

while on the other hand, Online multiplayer events can be played with players in Real-time, but again, this mode is not available to play with your friends in Real-time.

Real Racing 3 is actually how it sounds, the Game is very Realistic with awesome Modern Graphics and Physics. The game is available to play on Android/iOS devices, you can download it from Playstore/Appstore

In the play store the game size is too small, don't be surprised the actual download starts when you open the game (about 1.7 GB). Make sure you have at least 2 GB of Storage capacity free on your phones. And your android phone should have at least 2GB Ram on it.
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