Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Brings Crossplay with it, Here's everything you need to know

Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Brings Crossplay
Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Brings Crossplay

Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 is here, Season 2 Patch 2.5 introduces a new Crossplay feature that lets you play with the Players on different Platforms. However, Hyperscape Season 2 is still in the lab phase (beta).

The beta version update brings some new features, Winter addons, New Game Modes, Arcadium Improvements, Improved UI, bug fixes, etc.

New Features


Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Finally brings the long-awaited Crossplay feature! It now lets you play with friends and players over different Platforms. The game now connects the Players of Xbox, PS, and PC as well. 

PC players will also be able to invite their friends on the console and play with them directly, however, their party will be matched into the PC queue.

New Social Menu

  • Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Allows you to invite friends from any platform to play together
  • Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Shows pending Game Invites from friends
  • “Block List” displays players you have blocked all communications from
  • “Recent Players” list shows all players from your current and previous match

Winter Festival

In Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 Between December 15-29, players will be able to enjoy the Winter Festival event, Snowy map, magical outfits, and items in the Shop. The game is also coming with some new Exclusive cosmetics, skins, and outfits as well. Checkout the Hyperscape Hub for more details.

Team Deathmatch Enhancements

  • The update now gives players time to compete.
  • The score limit increased from 40 points to 50 Points.
  • The timer is increased from 10 minutes to 12 minutes.
  • Every match will now randomly pick 1 of the 3 maps.
The Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 contains some more updates such as some small bugs, UI updates, Death state with a new icon, etc. Read the patch note for more detailed info about small bug fixes.

Arcadium Improvements 

In this update, the developers of this game are bringing Navigation pick-ups all around the Neo Arcadia to help you practice your Navigation skills with or without hacks. Some of them are easier to obtain than others so see if you can reach them all.

[Note: Item pickups are for practice only, they have no effect.

You can find these items pickups at the following places given below:
  • Outside of the Throne Hall
  • North West of the M.O.N.A. Landmark
  • North T-LOOP Building
  • The Line
Hyperscape Season 2 Patch v.2.5 brings some more big updates as well as small updates such as weapon bug fixes, System bugs, Game mode bugs, Settings, visuals fixes, and UI, etc. Read the full detailed patch note here.

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