Nvidia and AWS Joins Hand to Launch 20 Nvidia NGC Software

Nvidia and AWS Joins Hand to Launch 20 Nvidia NGC Software Resources on AWS Storefront
Nvidia and AWS Joins Hand

AWS and Nvidia have partnered for almost 10 years now, to deliver powerful, flexible, and Cost-Effective GPU based solutions for the customers. These solutions root from the cloud, with Nvidia GPU-powered Amazon EC2 instances, to the edge, with Services such as AWS IoT Greengrass deployed with Nividia Jetson Nano modules.

Nvidia and AWS are catering to customers from all over the globe, using AWS and Nvidia Solutions such as Machins Learning (ML), Virtual workstation, high-performance computing (HPC), and IoT Services. 

Nvidia Launched Storefront in AWS Marketplace

More than 20 Nividia NGC Software resources are now available on the AWS Market Place to Improve and Enhance the AI deployment in the areas such as Healthcare, Conversational AI, HPC, robotics, data science, and many for sectors.

AI is not the thing of the future anymore and businesses all over the globe are using AI to improve and enhance productivity, cost-reduction, and Process Automation, which were never possible before without the use of AI. 

To help the companies get a head-start, Nvidia is yet again, collaborating with Amazon Web Services to bring 21 Nvidia NGC Software Resources to AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is where customers can find, buy, and start using software and services that virtually run on the AWS cloud.

What is NGC Software

NGC is the solution of Software that is optimized to run on Nvidia GPU cloud instances, such as the Amazon EC2 P4d instance featuring the record-breaking performance of Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPUs. AWS customers can deploy this software free of charge to accelerate their AI deployments.

AI Softwares launched in AWS

  • NVIDIA AI: A suite of frameworks and tools, including MXNet, TensorFlow, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, and PyTorch.
  • NVIDIA Clara Imaging: NVIDIA’s domain-optimized application framework that accelerates deep learning training and inference for medical imaging use cases.
  • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK: A multiplatform scalable video analytics framework to deploy on the edge and connect to any cloud.
  • NVIDIA HPC SDK: A suite of compilers, libraries, and software tools for high-performance computing.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Sim ML Training: A toolkit to help robotics machine learning engineers use Isaac Sim to generate synthetic images to train an object detection deep neural network.
  • NVIDIA Merlin: An open beta framework for building large-scale deep learning recommender systems.
  • NVIDIA NeMo: An open-source Python toolkit for developing state-of-the-art conversation AI models.
  • RAPIDS: A suite of open-source data science software libraries.

Benefits of NGC Softwares in AWS Marketplace

  • Simplified Software Deployment: Users of Amazon EC2, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) can quickly subscribe, pull and run NGC software on NVIDIA GPU instances, all within the AWS console. Additionally, SageMaker users can simplify their workflows by eliminating the need to first store a container in Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).
  • Faster software discovery: Through the AWS Marketplace, developers and data scientists can access the latest versions of NVIDIA’s AI software with a single click.
  • The latest NVIDIA software: The NGC software in AWS Marketplace is federated, giving AWS users access to the latest versions as soon as they’re available in the NGC catalog. The software is constantly optimized, and the monthly releases give users access to the latest features and performance improvements.
  • Continuous integration and development: NGC Helm charts are also available in AWS Marketplace to help DevOps teams quickly and consistently deploy their services.

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