PS4 jailbreak | What is it and how it can be used?

PS4 Jailbreak
PS4 Jailbreak

What is PS4 Jailbreak?

What is Jailbreak? Is it illegal? Well, there are some things you need to consider before doing any type of Jailbreak (or Rooting for Mobile devices). 

The Jailbreak exactly means how it sounds, Jailbreak means Breaking something from a Jail/Prison. In simple words Hacking Software.

Doing any type of Jailbreak on PS4 (or Rooting your mobile devices) is Illegal in most cases, By Jailbreaking you are gonna be an Unethical consumer. 

When Jailbreaking a device, you are violating the restrictions gives to consumers by the Company which may lead you to Jail or Fine. So, it is recommended that you stay away from these types of activities.

What are the advantages of PS4 Jailbreak?

Free Games

You might have been familiar with Pirated games, in-fact pirated copies of games are downloaded more than the original ones. 

By jailbreaking PS4 you can install the Pirated copies of Games (that costs only 10% of the original ones, and most of them are available for free)

Extra Features

By Jailbreaking your PS4 you are going to be able to use almost every paid feature, theme, skins, customization for absolutely free. 

Actually, after PS4 Jailbreak you will be able to use every feature of Playsation Plus subscription for free.

Backward Compatibility

A Jailbreak PS4 is capable of running each and every game of the previous Playstation console. In simple words, you will be able to play PS1, PS2, and PS3 console Games into your PS4.

What are the disadvantages of PS4?

PS4 Updates

As obvious after Jailbreaking your PS4 you are no longer gonna receive updates of your PS4. 

By Jailbreaking your PS4 you have no longer access to Software Updates, Bug fixes, Improvement, and Customer support.

No Online Mode

After doing Jailbreaking, you can play Pirated games on your PS4, but as same as PC Pirated Games, players will not be able to play Online modes. Every time you will try to go online, 

the game will say "Error connecting to the server or Network" because you are operating an illegal version of the game, and the server is not able to verify and take you in.

Probably Harming your PS4

By doing PS4 Jailbreak, chances are high that you are gonna mess up with your PS4 or even kill it completely. 

By doing jailbreaking you are modifying the Software/OS and you may harm your PS4 or even break it completely And, the most annoying part is you can't even bring it to an official service center.


After Jailbreaking your PS4, you are no longer be able to get any type of service or repairs from Official Playstation service centers.

No New Games

By Jailbreaking, you will no longer receive new Games on your PS4. You have to wait for the pirated version to come.

Playstation Network

You are gonna have access to the Playstation network, if you tried to log into it, you may get Banned or Blocked.

How to Jailbreak PS4

As cleared above it is illegal stuff, and can even harm your PS4 completely. So, doing it is not recommended.

Method 1: Yourself

If you have knowledge of computer programming, there are literally tons of ways to do it. By doing it manually, if something goes wrong, chances are high that you are going to damage your PS4.

Method 2: Market

There are tons of shops to do this especially in India, if you live in Delhi you can visit any shop related to "Gaming" in Chandni Chowk known also known as "Piracy Market". 

Also, if you do it with the help of a shop, if something goes wrong, they will take care of it.


It is not possible to Jailbreak every PS4, it relies on the Firmware versions of the PS4. Currently, only 6.72 or below versions can Jailbreak. 

There is no Public Jailbreak available for Firmware versions above 6.72. 
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