Have a look at the world's first DDR5 Ram by SK Hynix, Launching in 2021

SK Hynix DDR5 Rams
The all-new DDR5 Ram(s), Image by SK Hynix
  • Worlds first DDR5 Ram launched by SK Hynix
  • The New DDR5 Ram will be launching to the Public in around Q3 of 2021
  • The New DDR5 is 2x faster than DDR4, with over 20% less power consumption
After a wait of around 2 years now, the World's first DDR5 Ram is almost here. The Ram was first announced by SK Hynix in November 2018, the company said if everything goes right, the new DDR5 Ram will be released to the Public in around Q3 (Third Quarter) of 2021.

The New DDR5 Ram(s) are going to be almost 2x faster than the Previous DDR4 Ram(s), with over 20% Less Power Consumption, making it an obvious profitable choice for large 

Datacenters operating on a scale, as the new DRAM(s) are going to reduce both the Power consumptions and the Operating costs.

SK Hynix's DDR5 Ram(s) sports a transfer rate of up to 4,800 ~ 5,600 Mbps per second, in simple terms you will be able to transfer 9 Full-HD Movies (5GB each) in only 1 second - Said Sk Hynix.

The company also clarifies the new DDR5 Ram(s) will be able to build up to 256 Gigabytes (GB) capacity of storage.

The New DDR5 Rams were Published by JEDEC (JEDEd State C SoliTechnology Association) earlier in July 2020, and are expected to take over up to 20% of the DRAM Market by 2022, expanding up to 40% by the year 2024.

However the pricing of this new DDR5 Ram has not been revealed yet, but for now, we can say that these DDR5 Ram(s) are going to cost more than DDR4 Ram(s), and will not fit the pocket of budget gamers.

Data Transfer
Rate in Mbps
Release Year20202013200820042001

Have a look at the Specifications table given above, its clear that the new DDR5(s) are almost double of the DDR4(s) with over 20% Less Power Consumption
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