Best Free Must Have SEO Tools for New Blogs | TechNeg

Best Free Must Have SEO Tools for New Blogs | TechNeg
Best Free SEO Tools

With the increasing use of Digital Media and Information, Blogging is getting viewed as one of the best sources of Passive Income, or as a side-hustle to show your creativity and earn some extra bucks. But the process to get the money from blogging is long and you'll have to face some hurdles along the way.  

The most promising way to get Traffic on Your blog is to Rank Higher on Google Search Result, and for that, your blog must be SEO optimized and No matter how you write the content in your blog if it doesn't have the right SEO you can't rank in the google search result. Now you might be thinking what might SEO be?

Here's what is SEO!

What is SEO

For the full-form of SEO, it is known as the Search Engine Optimization as the name suggests its the Optimization of Your Content and Structure of You Site so that Search Engines can understand your site better and rank it even higher. Search Engine Optimization includes the aspects from you're site's structure to every line of content you write in your blog.

You'll find the Tutorials of SEO everywhere with the steps to do it, but doing it manually is a cumbersome job in the long-run. There are many SEO tools on the Web but most of them are paid and the free ones don't provide Quality SEO services. 

What are SEO tools

SEO tools help you maintain and optimize the SEO on your website to improve your Google Search Rankings. SEO Tools does the jobs which you'll have to do manually otherwise. for example Site Audits, Keyword Research, Backlink Checker, and Search Ranking Tools.

Best Free SEO Tools for New Blogs

Here's the List of Best SEO tools you must have to improve SEO and your google search rankings. 


ahrefs free seo tool
Ahrefs - Free SEO Tool

Ahrefs is an All-in-One SEO provider with customers like Facebook, eBay, Shopify, Linkedin, Adobe, Netflix, Uber, and  Pinterest. Ahrefs is being used by companies and individuals from all over the world, and it includes SEO tools like Site Audit, Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, and Rank Tracker. Ahrefs can be considered as the best Free SEO Tool.

Although the Ahrefs SEO tool is paid, you can access the tools to some extent which is enough for a starting blogger or any other Content Marketer. 

You can purchase the 7 Days Trial of Full Ahrefs SEO Tool's at $7, or you can get All the Ahrefs SEO tools on a Monthly Subscription for which you'll have to as per the below-given table 


Ahrefs SEO Tools Available for Free

Keyword Generator

Ahrefs provides a Keyword Generator with the SERP Data on any Keyword, you can get an insight into the keyword you want to make a blog on, and then write your content accordingly. Ahrefs keyword Generator shows a similar keyword to the one you have given, with the Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume of Keyword, and you can search the Keywords for any Country.

But there is one catch, If you're going to get an Ahrefs Dashboard then you can't access the Free Keyword Generator and Rank Checker.

How Keyword Generator Helps You

  • You can get an insight into a Keyword, with the date on the Search Volume of a particular keyword, which will enable you to target keywords with high Search Volume so that you get better traffic if you rank higher on that keyword.
  • Keyword Difficulty - Targeting a keyword that has a low Keyword Difficulty will ensure a better Google Search Ranking, as compared to a keyword that has high Keyword Difficulty. What is Keyword Difficulty: It shows how difficult it is to rank for the keyword, if a keyword has a low difficulty that it's most likely that you'll rank higher if your content is SEO optimized.
  • Similar Better Keyword - let's Suppose you're searching for a keyword and you find that there is a better keyword with Lower Keyword Difficulty and Higher Search Volume, then using that keyword will help you create better content, and rank higher in Google Search.

Keyword Rank Checker

Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker can show you the data of You Domain for any keyword, Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker can show you the ranking data on 229 Countries. 
Along with your particular keyword ranking, Ahrefs also shows the SERP data on the Top Ranking Domains and their keywords. 

Now I'll repeat it again that if you want to use these free SEO tools like Ahrefs Keyword Rank Checker and Keyword Generator, you can't get your Ahrefs Dashboard for free, because if you get your dashboard, then you won't be able to use these free SEO tools. 

But there is a way to get through this, You can open the link in an Incognito Tab, doing this will allow you to use Ahrefs Keyword Generator as well as Keyword Rank Checker.

You can get a dashboard for your website, with the various Ahrefs SEO Tools such as Backlink Checker, Organic Keyword, Site Audit, and Domain Rating

Backlink and Reffering Domains 

You can get the data on Backlink of your website, with the data like Referring page of Backlink, Domain Rating of Referring Domain, Estimated Traffic and the Anchored Text with the Backlink. 

Referring domains are the domains that link to the URL on your website, along with the referring domains you can get an insight into the Domain Rating, Ahrefs Rank, Number of Dofollow and Nofollow links, Organic Traffic of Referring Domain, and number of URL's which link to your website 

Organic Keyword

Ahrefs shows you the data on Organic Keyword for which your website ranks on Google Search, you can get the information on your ranking keyword like, Volume of the keyword, Keyword Difficulty, Cost-Per-Click, Estimated Traffic of the Keyword to your website, Position of Your domain on that particular Keyword, You can also check the SERP data on a particular keyword. 

Site Audit

With Ahrefs Site Audit you can get an insight into a website's Health Score, Issue Distribution which shows the Errors, Warnings, and Notices for a website, Crawl Status of links found in your website. By resolving the issues, warnings, and notices of your website you can improve your website's Google Indexing ability, and improve the structure of your website, which in turn will help you to rank higher on Google Search Results.

There are other Ahrefs SEO tools but they are all paid, so if you want to use these tools you'll have to subscribe to Ahrefs


Semrush - free seo tools
Semrush - Free SEO Tool

After Ahrefs, Semrush can be considered the best SEO Tool out there, Semrush is being used by Companies all over the globe such as Vodafone, Quora, P&G, Tesla, Nike, Walmart, Forbes, and IBM.

Semrush can be used for SEO Optimization, Content Marketing, Market Research, Advertising Strategy, and Social Media Planning. Semrush is being used by almost 6 Million Professional from all over the World, Semrush has won 14 international awards, and Semrush claims that 45% of Fortune 500 companies use Semrush as their marketing tool.
Semrush is a paid SEO tool, but it can be used as a free SEO tool to some extent, you can subscribe to Semrush by paying monthly or Annually. Prices of the Semrush are as given below table

For freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget

Run your SEO, PPC, and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools.

Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

Read-only sharing access.
For SMB and growing marketing agencies

All the Pro features plus:

Content Marketing Platform
Historical Data
Extended limits
Google Data Studio Integration
For agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence

All the Guru features plus:

API access
Extended limits and sharing options
Google Data Studio Integration
Share of Voice metric

*You can also get a custom solution as well, for that you'll have to contact the Semrush,

Semrush SEO Tools Available for Free 

Site Audit

Semrush Site Audit displays the data like Site Health, Errors, Warnings, and Notices along with the data on Crawlability, HTTPS Availability, Markup, Site Performance, and Internal Linking. If you can resolve the problems shown in the Site Audit you can improve the Structure and Performance f Your website. Resolving the issues shown in the site audit can enhance the crawlability of your website a well. 

Position Tracking

Semrush position tracking brings you the data on metrics such as Visibility of Your Website, Estimated Traffic, Average Position, Keyword Rankings up to 10 keywords, and Ranking trends for 10 keywords. Semrush allows rank tracking only up to 10 keywords, and that somewhat restricts your ability to gain insight into your ranking.

On-Page SEO Checker

You can check the On-Page SEO of 10 Pages on your website, and if you want to check the on-page SEO of more than 10 pages then you'll have to upgrade to the subscription packs. 

Social Meia Tracker and Social Media Poster

You can track your social media presence and compare your social activity and engagement with Your Competitors as well. Semrush can integrate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Interest on your dashboard so that you can view all your social media presence in one place.

Backlink Audit

Semrush Backlink Audit gives you an insight into the Referring Domains with the information on New, Broken, and Lost Backlinks as well. You can integrate the Google Search Console to get more data on the backlinks of your websites.

Semrush also has SEO tools like Link Building, PPC Keyword Tool, Organic Search Traffic Insights, and Content Analyzer.


Seobility - free SEO Tool
Seobility - Free SEO Tool

Seobility is one of the best SEO Tool Available right now, it's also a paid tool but with Limited Free Tools. Seobility provides free tools like Website Health Report, Onpage SEO, Backlinks, and Google Search Ranking.

Seobility is best for optimizing the Technical SEO, Seobility gives you an insight into the technical and meta information of your website,  with the errors in your website, upon improving these errors you can improve the performance of your website as well as Google Search Rankings and Crawlability.

You can add only one domain on your dashboard but with limited access over the use. if you want to add more the one domains you'll have purchased the Premium to Agency Plan, 

Price Per MonthFreeEuro 39.90/MonthEuro 149/Month
Included projects/domains1315
Maximum crawled pages/project1,000 25,000100,000
Amount of checked external links10025,00050,000

Benefits of Seobility Free SEO Tools

Technical SEO & Meta 

Seobility brings you detailed information on the Technical Overview of your webpage and highlights the issues related to that and Meta Details. Seobility shows the Crawling Stats such as Pages with search engine rankings, Pages blocked by robot.txt, Nofollow pages, and pages with technical problems. 

Seobilty helps you point out the meta problems in your website such as Page Title, Meta Descriptions, and Tite of your webpages. Seobility provides you with the Page Optimizations and Guidelines to improve the Technical SEO of your Website.

Seobility also shows the data of the Response time of your website.


Seobility brings out the errors and details of the structure of your website and you can optimize the technical SEO upon improving the structure of your website. It shows details such as Problems with Anchor Texts, Link Details, Sitemap Analysis, and Level of Pages.


Along with other SEO tools, Seobility comes with a content analysis tool that brings your the data on Important errors and crawling details on the content of your website. 

Seobility shows the information on Duplicate Content and Text Quality of your content, you can improve your SEO as well as Google Search Ranking s, if you analyze the data and improve your content accordingly,

Seobility also shows the matrix of the backlinks of your website. along with Google Search Ranking.

Along with these SEO tools, Seobility also provides a free SEO Checker, Keyword Checker, and Ranking check for a particular Keyword and Domain. Features like these make Seobility one of the best SEO Tool out there in the market.


Ubersuggest - free SEO Tool
Ubersuggest - Free SEO Tool

Ubersuggest owned by Neil Patel is one of the best SEO Tool and is being used by companies such as Nike, Twitter, Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, eBay, Shopify, Spotify, CNN, and  GoDaddy. Ubersuggest is getting quite popular these days.  Almost 50,000 Users from All-over the globe use the Ubersuggest for marketing.

If we compare the top SEO Providers Ubersuggest is the cheapest of them all.

Price of Ubersuggest 

IndividualBusinessEnterprise/ Agency
$12 USD/ Month$20 USD/ Month$ 40 USD/ Month
Entrepreneurs & small businesses.
Managing 1-3 websites.
Small & medium businesses.
Managing 4-7 websites.
Large businesses & agencies.
Managing 8+ websites

Ubersuggest Tools

Keyword Analyzer

Ubersuggest gives you an insight into the Keywords, You can get information like Traffic Volume, Trends, and Keyword Difficulty. Ubersuggest can give you Keyword Ideas and, Content Ideas to improve your search ranking and content.

Competitive Research

Ubersuggest shows the traffic overview with keywords by traffic, top pages by traffic, and detail of Competing Domains as well.

Site Explorer

Ubersuggest can audit the site and bring you the data on SEO optimization opportunities of your website, It shows errors, Site Speed, Recommendations, and SEO score for domains.


Ubersugget Backlink SEO Tool can give you information on Backlinks, Referring Domains, Link History of your and your competitor's domain.


We are not trying to rank any of the Tools given above, we are just providing the Audience with the information of free SEO tools available right now. The tools given above are not ranked in any manner.

All the tools are free to some extent and may need a subscription for extra use and benefits.

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