Everything we know about eat a 5 Star mode in Google Assistant

Eat A FiveStar Mode in Google Assistant

Before now, people were using Google Assistant to get their work done, and aks questions about whatever their question is. 

But now, like the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant can also be used to have fun and do some chill!

In partnership with Cadbury, Google has announced its "Eat A FiveStar and do nothing mode".

The Eat A FiveStar and Do Nothing mode can be activated simply by saying "Eat A FiveStar" to your Google Assistant.

Once the mode gets activated on your Google Assistant, a Small logo of Cadbury FiveStar chocolate will start appearing on your Google Assistant screen.

With the Eat A FiveStar Do Nothing Mode, the Google Assistant is no going to do anything. Assistant will react funny and lazy way.

No matter what you ask Google Assistant, the answer will be let's do nothing or similar to it.

How to activate "Eat A FiveStar Do Nothing" Mode in Google Assistant

  1. Open your Google Assistant by simply saying "Ok Google" or "Hello Google"
  2. Say "Eat A FiveStar"
  3. You have activated Eat A FiveStar and do Nothing Mode

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