How a Battle between Citron and Redditors Raised GameStop Stocks

GameStop Stocks Controversey
GameStop Stocks Controversy

GameStop is everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit GameStop stocks are trending everywhere. In an Unusual event, Video Gaming Company GameStop's Stocks hit the skies and made it to $76.76 which was around $3-$5 Last Year.

The Center of this Bizzare event comes from Citron, who Cancelled their live stream where they were going to explain their Stance about GameStop. The company said they canceled the event due to too Many Hacking attempts on their Twitter Account.

Meanwhile, the Crazy members of r/WallStreetBets started buying GameStop stocks, which forced Citron company to buy its own Quota of Stocks. Which leads to a battle between Citron and Redditors drove the company Stock to hit the skies.

Currently, on 30 January 2021 GameStop's Stocks are around $325 per stock with an increase of 67.87%. It's been a very shaky ride for GameSpot's stock which has gone as high as $469 and as low as $132 within a week.

GameStop Stocks
GameStop Stocks 

Update: Many short-selling firms have lost billions in Trading GameSpot Stocks, Discord once Banned r/WallStreetBet then unbanned it, Trading app Robinhood stopped trading of GameStop stocks, Facebook shuts down Robinhood traders group and many crazy things are still happening right now. We'll do our best to keep this Article Updated :)

Don't you think it looks kinda sketchy that how some Internet Users harassed a lot of Short-selling investment firms, lol, leave a comment below about what do you think about this?

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