Hitman 6 to be heavily inspired by Hitman 3, and It Might Get 128 Players Battle Mode

Battlefield 6 Rumors
Battlefield 6 Rumors

The launch of Battlefield 6 is just 8-9 months ahead. It is likely that the Next-Gen Game is going to be launched in the last months of  2021. Now with the Rumors, and Theories everywhere about the Game, an Insider Tom Henderson claims to have info about the Game.

With a New Video Tom Henderson claims that the Game is going to be a Cross-Gen Title. In simple terms, it's going to be launched PS4, Xbox One, as well as new consoles, the PS5, Xbox series S/X and PC respectively.

The rumors that are coming about the Game are Battlefield 6 is going to feature a massive 128 Players Battle, but maybe not for PS4, and Xbox One Versions (Henderson Sais back in June).

As per Henderson and Jeff Grub, the Game is going to be heavily inspired by Hitman 3, as we all know Battlefield 3 was way more ahead of its time, Battlefield 6 may get Modern Settings from the Hitman 3 Game.
One more rumor is coming which stated that the Game may be a Remastered version of the Battlefield 3 Game, but he also clears that there's no evidence, and the source is not reliable to trust.
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