The Official Samsung Galaxy S21 Case with SPen Leaked Online

Offline Samsung Galay S21 SPen Cover
Official Samsung Galay S21 SPen Cover

Previously, we saw that Samsung Galaxy S21 is being leaked online, and is being rumored to launch on January 14 through a Livestream at 8:30PM IST. Now, after a few hours of the Smartphone's leak, the Official SPen Case of Samsung Galaxy S21 is also out.

Courtesy Ishan Aggarwal, who leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 on the Internet now leaked the SPen Case of the New Flagship, the SPen will be sold separately and you can buy it from the local store as well as Online Shopping Portals.

The official SPen case of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is launched in 2 variants, the Clear View Cover, and the Silicon Cover, both features a slot for the SPen for Galaxy S21. However, the charging feature of the SPen case has not been revealed anywhere.

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