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Previously, we've seen some Rumours about the Partnership between AMD and Samsung. It was being rumored that Samsung might put Custom AMD's Mobile Processors to their S30s.

In today's Exynos event, Samsung confirmed that they'll be doing a Partnership with AMD to bring AMD Radeon graphics to their Flagship smartphones.

They are already in Partnership for the last 2 Years with ARM and AMD

Samsung and AMD Partnership
Samsung and AMD Partnership

Samsung confirmed that they are in collaboration with AMD to bring custom AMD GPU's to their Phones.

These new AMD Chips are likely to be used on Samsung S30 series smartphones, and it may be Samsung's next step to dominate the Mobile GPU market.

Reports, confirm that ARM is already helping Samsung in making CPU while AMD is covering the GPU side.

It might be the best World Leading mobile GPU!

Currently, snapdragon is leading the mobile market with its Adreno GPU. Thus, Samsung the next AMD GPU's on Samsung's Exynos chips might surpass them. 

As the NPU in New chips is said to be more powerful than Current Qualcomm chips.

However, we haven't seen any type of Official release so it is not good to say which company is going to dominate the GPU market. So, Stay tuned!

Samsung X AMD GPU Launch Date

Courtesy ICE Universe reveals that Samsung is planning to release their AMD Custom GPU by Q1, or Q2 of 2021, which will be used in eh Exynos 1xxx, and Exynos 2xxx Processors.
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