What is Favicon in Blogger, and How do you Change it: Favicon Guide in 2021

What is Favicon In Blogger
What is Favicon In Blogger

What is Favicon in blogger?


Many people ask me, What is Favicon in Blogger?

So the answer is, A Favicon is a small icon that is displayed on the left side of a blog address in search results or Tabs. Blogger/Blogspot allows users to add Favicon to their blogs to establish their brand identity.

Example of Favicon
Example of Favicon, Image by Wikipedia

It can be changed in Blogger, here's how to change it:


Visit Blogger.com and login to your blogger account

To add Favicon to blogger, you should first visit blogger.com, and then you should log in to your account. If you don't have one then create one.

Go to settings/Basic/Favicon

Once you successfully sign up or log in to your blogger account then you should go to Basic settings inside the setting tab. And there, you'll find Favicon, open it.

Upload your Favicon image.

Here, the image that you want to show as a favicon. Make sure to keep the size of the favicon to under 100kb.
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