WhatsApp losing users against Signal app, due to recent WhatsApp policy changes

WhatsApp Policy Changes
WhatsApp Policy Changes

You might have been familiar with the Recent policy updates made by WhatsApp.

Just after a few hours of the Policy changes, Internet flooded of News Articles and opinions, and some even started targeting WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also released a judgment clarifying that they aren't misusing the data taken by their users.

WhatsApp users started worrying about their messages sent to WhatsApp which lead to the rise of a New Messaging App called Signal.

Have a look at the rising trend of the Signal App in India

Signal App Rising Trend In India
Signal App Rising Trend In India

Everyone has started Comparing WhatsApp with Signal App, news websites magazines, news tv channel etc.

So, here questions might start popping out that should you replace WhatsApp with SignalIs Signal better than Whatsapp?

Let's see the Answer

What is Signal

What is Signal App
Signal App, image credit: medium.com

The signal is an alternative as a messaging app. Signal started gaining the attention of users in the wake of outrage against WhatsApp's recent Privacy updates.

As per gadgets.ndtv.com Signal is considered to be better in terms of Privacy.

WhatsApp vs Signal, which App is better in terms of Privacy

WhatsApp vs Signal, image credit: Wired.co.uk

Since WhatsApp has also clarified that the messages you send or receive are still end-to-end encrypted.

Messages are automatically deleted once they are successful delivered to where they supposed to be.

Once the message gets delivered successfully to your phone or your contact's phone, they are stored locally on the respective devices. They automatically get deleted from WhatsApp's servers.

However, officials claim that Signal is more Privacy concerned and is considered to be more secure.

But in the features section, WhatsApp wins clearly. One more thing that makes you use WhatsApp is almost everyone in your family and friends has WhatsApp installed on their phones, so there will be no point in using Signal App when your contacts are using WhatsApp even if Signal has more secure Privacy.
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