Nvidia GeForce Now, Now Supports Apple's M1 Chip, and Stadia too!

Apple M1 Chipsets now supported on Nvidia GeForce Now
Apple M1 Chipsets now supported on Nvidia GeForce Now

Last spring, Nvidia rolled out support for iPad, and iPhones via Safari Web browser which is still in a beta Face. While Apple is still not used to their bid chipset transition, many Software developer teams are already porting their Apps over Nvidia GeForce Now. And Nvidia is one of them, Nvidia GeForce Now just got support for Apple M1 Chipsets.
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In Nvidia GeForce Now update 2.0.27, Nvidia updated its native Nvidia GeForce Now macOS app to have support for M1 Chips. From Now On, People having the new MacBooks or Mac Minis will have two ways to stream games for the cloud using GeForce Now. Google Stadia players can also play on Nvidia GeForce Now as these have Apple M1 chips since the start of their launch.

One more main feature that has been confirmed yet, is Mac users can also be able to stream games via Amazon’s Luna game streaming service to a total of three different Streaming Platforms.

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