Global release timeline of Outriders launching on 1st April is here - Console version to launch at local midnight time on April 1st | TechNeg

Global release time line of Outriders launching on 1st April is here - Console version to launch at local midnight time on April 1st | TechNeg
outriders Global Launch Time

As per the latest update from Outriders official Twitter handle, the console edition of Outriderswill unlock at the local midnight time of April 1st, and the PC version of outrider will release according to the given time map. 

The Outriders is set to launch on 1st April this year, the Outriders was initially going to launch for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Stadia, but as per the latest tweet from the official Outriders tweeter handle, the Outriders will be available on Nvidia GeForce Now from 25th February as well.

Global Launch Time of Outriders

New York 12:00 EDT April 1st
London 17:00 BST April 1st
Berlin 18:00 CEST April 1st
Tokyo 01:00 JST April 2nd
Moscow 19:00 MSK April 1st
Los Angeles 09:00 PDT April 1st
Brasilia 13:00 BRT April 1st
ABU Dhabi 20:00 GST April 1st
Canberra 03:00 AEDT April 2nd

Price of Outriders: Pre Order Outriders

Outriders are currently available for Pre-Order from its respective stores, such as steam, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, etc,. If you Pre-Order the Outriders right now you can Hell's Ranger Content Pack which includes The Hell's Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets, The Hell's Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns, and The Hell's Truck Mods and Decals.

Steam - Rs. 2,999
PlayStation (PS4) -  Rs. 3,999
Xbox - Rs. 3,999

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Features of Outriders 

Intense shooter experience with the feel of  RPG - Outriders gives you a deep RPG experience as well as the thrill of a Shooting Game.

Four Unique Character with Special Abilities - Throughout the gameplay of OUtriders you can choose one of the four outriders, with their own unique abilities and powers.

Set on a journey and Discover the planet Enoch - Outriders follows the gameplay where you set out on a journey on a Planet called Enoch and try to find out the source of a mysterious signal.

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PC System Requirements of Outriders

OSWindows 10
ProcessorsIntel I5-3470 / AMD FX-8350
GraphicsNvidia GeForce GTX 750ti / AMD Radeon R9 270x
Storage70GB Available Storage
FPS720p / 60fps
Direct X VersionVersion 11
OSWindows 10
ProcessorIntel i7-7700 / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GraphicsNvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB
Storage70GB Available Storage
FPS1080p / 60fps
DirectX VersionVersion 11

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