SICO Mobile: SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS - Characters, Modes, Maps, Weapons and Launch Date | TechNeg

SICO: SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS - Gameplay, Maps, Weapons, Modes, Characters and Launch Date | TechNeg

SICO: SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS is a Multiplayer FPS Game developed by IndicArena Game Studios. The SICO game features modes like Battle Royale, Free for All, Gun Race, Domination, TDM, and Campaign Mode. 

  • SICO game modes including Battle Royale, Free for All, Gun Race, Domination, TDM, and Campaign Mode. 
  • SICO to feature a large number of Guns in the Loadout 
  • SICO to have multiple Maps such as Warehouse, Vanam, Mandapa, and more

SICO is an FPS game available for Pre-Order from PlayStation and said to rival games like PUBG and FAUG.

Although the FAUG has been a big disappointment for the Gamers, as the game only had a story mode and a very fewer amount of weapons all of which were just melee weapons. Seeing the gameplay Trailer of SICO, gamers are hoping that this game would come out better than FAUG did. 

So here's everything we know about SICO as of now, for you to decide if SICO can compete against other games like PUBG or FreeFire.

SICO Mobile Launch Date

As per the official reports SICO Mobile is set to launch soon, and specific dates should be out soon as well. 

SICO Mobile Characters

Captain Shaurya Sigh

SICO: Captain Shaurya Sigh
SICO Character: Captain Shaurya Sigh
Role of Shaurya: Captain of Indian Para Regiment 


SICO Character: Rudra
SICO Character: Rudra
Role of Rudra: Intelligence Officer


SICO Character: Shiv
SICO Character: Shiv
Role of Shiv: Insurgency Counter Agent 


SICO Character: Ana
SICO Character: Ana
Role of Ana: Military Analyst 

SICO Mobile Game Modes

SICO Mobile Modes
SICO Mobile Game Modes

  1. Free for all
  2. Gun Race
  3. Multiplayer Team Death Match 
  4. Domination
  5. Battle Royale (To be added later)

Seeing the list of game modes in the SICO Mobile, we can conclude that there are many similarities in the game modes if we look are other games such as PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, etc.

SICO Mobile Game Maps

1. Warehouse

SICO Mobile Game Maps warehouse
SICO Mobile Game Maps warehouse

A well-known map that needs no introduction, we have seen this kind of Map in the PUBG Mobile game, where players go against another team in a Team Deathmatch. Other games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty have also featured the Map of this kind.

2. Parvata 

SICO Mobile Game Maps parvata
SICO Mobile Game Maps parvata

Parvata is a Hindi word for Mountains in English. Parvata map in the SICO Mobile game shares some similarities from the Pochinki Map of PUBG Mobile. 

Featuring deserted fields and mountain ranges, players go against other players in a Battle Royale Game Mode. 

3. Vanam

SICO Mobile Game Maps Vanam
SICO Mobile Game Maps Vanam

Vanam features a land full of greenery and trees, including various water channels, to bring a factor of dynamism to the gameplay. Vanam also has some similarities from other games such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and so on. 

4. Mandapa

SICO Mobile Game Maps Mandapa
SICO Mobile Game Maps Mandapa

Well, this map actually needs an introduction, Inspired by our Indian Architecture style: this map was made to flaunt our traditional culture and style with the perfect symmetry for the TDM matches.

We should see some high-power gameplays on the Mandapa map in the future.

SICO Mobile Game Weapons

As per the official poster, we can conclude that the SICO Mobile game has various weapons ranging from Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, ARs, LMG's, Sniper Rifles, and various DMR's as well. Such as UZI, M416, AWM Sniper, Groza AR, AUG AR, and so on. 

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