MediaTek Dimensity 900 is here - 5G Capable with features like 108MP Camera, 4K HDR Video and 120Hz Refresh Rate Display | TechNeg

MediaTek Dimensity 900 is here - 5G Capable with features like 108MP Camera, 4K HDR Video and 120Hz Refresh Rate Display | TechNeg

MediaTek has launched a new 5G smartphone chipset, MediaTek Dimensity 900 is an octa-core CPU with 2x ARM Cortex-A78 up to 2.4GHz. 

MediaTek Dimensity 900 is built for mid-range 5G smartphones offering faster app response, improved FPS, and better connectivity. 

MediaTek Dimensity 900 offers LPDDR5 memory, UFS 3.1 storage, Arm Mali-G68 GPU, and a 3rd Gen MediaTek APU. 

MediaTek was the top biggest Smartphone Chipset vendor in the Q3 of 2020 with more than 100 million smartphones powered by a MediaTek Processor. 

Features of MediaTek Dimensity 900 Processor

20% Faster 5G Connectivity

MediaTek Dimensity offers faster, longer-range, and power-efficient connectivity features. 
  • 2CC carrier aggregation covering up to 120MHz of spectrum enables 20% faster CA performance than competitor chips.
  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave power-saving enhancements work with both 5G Standalone and non-Standalone networks to ensure your 5G device lasts all day on any network.
  • 5G-CA across TDD/FDD for greater speed, connection coverage, and reliability.
  •  True Dual 5G SIM (5G SA + 5G SA) gives users more choice, more performance, and access to the latest VoNR services.

Built with 6nm process

MediaTek Dimesnity 900 Processor is built with the latest TSMC 6nm process which is 8% more power-efficient than the 7nm process. Offering low power consumption, and extended battery life.

108MP Photos with 4K HDR Video Recording

MediaTek Dimesnity 900 packs camera features such as a 108MP camera, unique hardware-accelerated 4K HDR Video Recording, Low-light Photo capabilities, and an excellent AI-camera experience. 

120Hz Display with HDR10+ Video Playback

MediaTek Dimensity 900 comes with features like Real-time HDR Composer (SDR to HDR),  HDR10 content upgraded to HDR10+ -like in real-time, Enhanced HDR10+ Video Playback with per-frame local tone mapping. 

MediaTek Dimensity 900 also supports a 120Hz refresh rate display for smooth visuals and less blur. 

Specifications of MediaTek Dimensity 900

Process 6nm
CPU 2x Arm Cortex-A78 up to 2.4GHz 6x Arm Cortex-A55 up to 2GHz
Cameras Up to 108MP 20+20MP @ 30FPS Hardware 4K HDR video capture engine
GPU Arm Mali-G68 MC4
AI 3rd Generation MediaTek APU
Video Decoding 4K @ 30FPS, HEVC/H.264/VP9
Video Encoding 4K @ 30FPS, HEVC/H.264
Display 120Hz, Full HD+ MediaTek MiraVision HDR video
Storage UFS 2.1 / UFS 3.1

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