Twitter Opening their Verification Forms Again in 2021

Twitter Verification form opening again, soon!
Twitter Verification form opening again, soon!

Twitter verification forms were open to the public, a few years ago, where users can apply to get a Blue badge by giving information about why they should be verified, tell their identity, and so on, and on the basis of the info provided twitter would approve or deny the requests. For those who don't know, Twitter's Blue Badge is meant to give individuals or companies that it's their official account, not someone else pretending to be them, however, the company closed the Twitter verification form back in 2017 due to some reasons. Now, Twitter is finally going to make their Twiter Verification Forms live again to the public soon.

But many of you might think, why did Twitter close their Verification forms earlier, so for the context. Twitter verified the account of Jason Kessler, the organizer of the “Unite the Right” neo-Nazi white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in late 2017, a decision that created so much trouble from all corners of the platform. The company later apologized and announced that they were temporarily pausing the verification program as a whole and shutting down the verification request form. They also promised to relaunch it soon, but they didn't.

Since Twitter closed their verification form Twitter manually kept verifying people on their own terms without any form.

"Your best shot at getting verified was actually having a contact at Twitter who could flip the switch in their end for you, something that, as you might imagine, is not within reach of the vast majority of people eligible for verification - Says XDA Developers"

But now all users that are eligible, will get a fair chance to submit a request to get a Verified Badge on their Twitter account.

How many types of Verification badges are there on Twitter?

There are a total of six categories of Blue Badges Now:
  1. Government
  2. Company, Brand, or Org.
  3. News Organizations or Journalist
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports and Gaming
  6. Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals
It's not known if twitter has a Follower threshold but your account must have a Profile Name, Profile Picture, and a Confirmed Email as well as Phone No. while the account being at least 6 months old, and following Twitter Rules.

If you are interested in getting yourself verified, then you should look out for the coming twitter form in your Twitter APP within the next few weeks. Though, Twitter will be doing a staged rollout of the form to better handle the rush of verification requests.
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