Best Cloud Gaming Services Ready to be Played in 2021 (Both Free & Paid)

Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2021
Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2021

Evolving from Arcades to playing against each other online, the Evergreen Video game industry is ever-growing. But now, Cloud-Based Gaming might change the game forever as it is better and cheaper, although cloud gaming itself has many downsides. Cloud Gaming might also end PC, and Console Gaming the same way Arcade Got Vanished.

Although Cloud Gaming Services still got a lot of work to do, they are Changing so fast, also many of them aren't available worldwide, such as in India you can't use both Nvidia GeForce Now, and Google Stadia as well (these two are currently the best Cloud Gaming service out there).

What is Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud Gaming has been around since 200 in various forms. Cloud Gaming services use actual high-end Servers to run a game and stream it to your screen same as Netflix and Spotify, and of course, the control of the game still will be in your hands, which in simple words translates to you just control the game and see it through a live stream, but the game is not running in your Machine, instead of its running on their servers, which means you can play Top AAA Games with high quality even on your Potato PC, although you will need a Super Fast Connection as it requires more than 20 Mbps of Speed, and can consume up to 10 GB of Data per hour, that's a lot.

Also, some Cloud Gaming services, such as Google Stadia delivers 4k HDR Gameplay, it still won't be as good as you will get by running into your own device that had the same specs. No matter how much these companies try to cut down the input lag, there will always be a small amount of Latency between the Servers, and your device, which makes Cloud Gaming not a fair choice for eSports, and Competitive Play.

But it's great for Single Players, and casual multiplayer matches, the lag will be playable, and many of you will not even notice it. These Cloud-Based Gaming services are close enough for Casual Plays as they are cheaper.

However, Cloud Gaming services are still improving and aren't very well perfect, and if you wanna try it, then take a look at Top Best Cloud Gaming Services available in 2021, with their unique features, as well as Pricing and Plans.

Advantages of Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud Gaming services have a bunch of Advantages, major of them are that Cloud Gaming allows their users to play the highest-end games on literally full quality even on a Potato PC, all you need is a Super Fast Internet Connect, which makes it quite affordable for poor gamers, as they only have to pay for Internet Speed Connection, and Subscription of the Cloud Gaming Service provider.

Disadvantages of Cloud Gaming Services

No matter how fast your Internet Connection Speed is, there will always be at least a small amount of input delay as the actual Game is running on servers located far from you, and you are just streaming and remotely controlling them, and for the exact reason, Cloud Gaming services cant be used for Competitive Plays, as a little amount of Input-Delay can worsen the experience.

1. Nvidia GeForce Nowa (Freemium) - Overall Best Cloud Gaming Service

Price: Free or $9.99/month

Nvidia GeForce Now - Best Cloud Gaming Service
Nvidia GeForce Now - Best Cloud Gaming Service

In the Race to being the best Cloud Gaming Service, Nvidia GeForce Now is currently winning, as it lets you play in 1080p on almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Safari, Chrome, and Mac. Nvidia GeForce now currently has two Plans; One is Free where you get to play 1 Hour for Free with RTX off, and a Premium Plan that costs you only $9.99/month, with a Playtime of 6 hours per session, although you can reconnect as many times as possible in this plan, you have to wait in a queue if there are other gamers, if you are a paid member, the Nvidia GeForce Now also does gives you RTX ON experience.

You can either play the Free Games that Nvidia GeForce Now Free Library Provides, or you can Link your Game Stores such as Epic Games, Steam, and Uplay to play games on Nvidia GeForce Now so that they can verify that you own the Game somewhere else that you want to play on their servers. Also, Nvidia GeForce now is compatible with a wide range of games, allowing you not to get stuck in Streaming only a bunch of Games.

However, it's not available in many countries including India, you can see a total list of countries that GeForce now supports on their official site. Learn How To Access Nvidia GeForce Now In India

2. Google Stadia (Freemium) - Best 4k Cloud Gaming Service

Price: $9.99/month

Google Stadia - Best 4k Cloud Gaming Service
Google Stadia - Best 4k Cloud Gaming Service

On the launch, the Stadia team promised a bunch of features that they will be provided which include Lag-Free 4k HDR Gameplay and a YouTube integrated platform that could let you play with top streamers and gamers directly. Eventually, after the 1 Year of Google Stadia launch, they only had provided 4k HDR Gameplay. Google Stadia can be used in a variety of devices including Mobiles, Tablets, PCs, and TVs as well.

The base access plan is totally free, while you need a $9.99/month Stadia Pro subscription to get a 4k HDR Gameplay experience and a bunch of free games. However, even if they have Cyberpunk in their library, their library is still small, and you will have to purchase the AAA Titles inside the Stadia, which is a major downside, like what if Google Everdecides to shut down the Stadia Program, as you only own those games inside stadia, then what happens to your ownership of games? Although Google Stadia is still the Only Best Cloud Gaming Service for 4k HDR Experience.

3. Microsoft Cloud Gaming (Paid) - Descent Choice

Price: $15/month

Microsoft Cloud Gaming
Microsoft Cloud Gaming

Microsoft xCloud Gaming service is offered as a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which offers over 100 Games to play on your Mobile. However, Microsoft Cloud Gaming has its own limits such as its only available for Mobile devices, but Microsoft has plans to release it for PC very soon, moreover, the Microsoft Cloud Gaming service only supports 720p Resolution. 

For $15/month, you can play more than 200 AAA titles from both Past & Present, the fact that Microsoft has invested a lot in these Cloud Gaming technologies such as the Microsoft Azure makes it even more optimistic.

4. Amazon LUNA (Paid) - Best Upcoming 4k Cloud Gaming Service

Price: $5.99/month or $14.99/month

Amazon Luna - Best Upcoming 4k Cloud Gaming Service
Amazon Luna - Best Upcoming 4k Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon LUNA is an upcoming Cloud Gaming service obviously from Amazon and it's available on Windows PC, Mac, Fire TV, and web apps for iPhone, iPad, and select Android phones.

Amazon Cloud-Based Service will provide 1080p Experience at 60 FPS, with 4k support coming soon, which can greatly compete with Google Stadia, as Amazon Luna will be chapter than Google's Stadia, and will also come with support for 4k.

At this point, Amazon Luna is offering two Plans; Luna+ for 5.59 dollars a month, and another one for 14.99 dollars a month. Both plans support 1080p@60 FPS Gaming, with 4k coming soon, and Unlimited hours of Playtime. Not to get you confused, the Ubisoft+ is a Ubisoft Subscription available for Amazon Luna that lets you stream every game available on Ubisoft+ Subscription at no additional cost beyond 14.99 dollars a month. However, Amazon Luna is available for Early Access in the US States only.

5. PlayStation Now ( Paid ) - Best for PlayStation Games

Price: $9.99/month

Playstation Now - Best Cloud Gaming Service for Playstation Games
Playstation Now - Best Cloud Gaming Service for Playstation Games

Among many of the Game Streaming platforms available today, PlayStation Now is also an option for those who want to play PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on their PlayStation consoles or even PCs without having to download them.

Playstation Now has a library of more than 800 PlayStation 2,3, and 4 Games. Not only streaming them, but you can also Download the PlayStation Now Games to your Device.

PlayStation Now delivers 1080p@60 FPS Gameplay, however many games are locked at only 30 FPS. Talking more about the drawbacks, the major downside of playing with PlayStation now is its considerable amount of Input Lag in Windows, also Sony continuously keeps removing games from its library, and your favorite game could be gone as well.

Although the input lags can be fixed with some console updates. PlayStation Now is a perfect all-rounder for those who want to play Playstation Exclusive titles.

Wrapping Up

  • Nvidia GeForce Now - An Overall Best Cloud Gaming Service currently, as their prices are very low, with a wide variety of Games, and its low input lag, and fast servers. Also, GeForce Now Provides users with free 1 Hour Per Session, meaning users can play free for 1 hour a session.
  • Google Stadia - I have not personally tested Google Stadia, but as per the online Review I found out on Internet, Google Stadia is quite a Good Service at a decent price. Also, the Google Stadia is currently the best 4k HDR Cloud Gaming service available right now.
  • Amazon Luna - Since Amazon Luna is only available for Early Access in the States of the US, we can't say anything more about it. But it is known that Amazon Luna can be a Great Alternative or even better than the Google Stadia, as it has a wide variety of Games with 4k Support Coming soon. One more of its unique features is that Amazon Luna offers a Ubisoft+ Subscription where you get access to each and every Ubisoft+ Library Games.
  • Playstation Now - Playstation Now is not as good as the other Cloud Gaming service, but Playstation Now is currently the best Cloud Gaming service to stream or download more than 800 PS2, PS3, and PS4 games on your Playstation Console or PC. However, it has some serious input lags in Windows Platform.


  • Which is the Best Cloud Gaming Service - Nvidia GeForce Now is currently the best Free Cloud Gaming service, as it provides free users with 1 hour per session.
  • Which Cloud Gaming service is the best to Play in 4k HDR - Currently at the time of this post being published, Stadia is the only Best Cloud Gaming platform to game on 4k HDR. However, Amazon Luna is also coming soon with 4k support, as it is currently available in the US States only.
  • Which Cloud Gaming service lets you play the game you already own somewhere in Epic Games, Steam, Ubisotor Origin - Nvidia GeForce Now is the best Cloud Gaming Platform that has the lowest input-lags, cheapest price, and also lets you play the games you already own.
  • Which Cloud Gaming service is available in India - Any of the Cloud Gaming services mentioned in this article aren't available to be played right now, but a VPN can be used to do so, and if you want to play with VPN @ low latency then you should go for Nvidia GeForce Now.
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