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Galax just Revealed their flagship RTX 3080 Ti Overclocked Hall of Fame edition of the Graphics Card. The RTX 3080 Ti HOF looks kinds similar to the Galax RTX 3090 HOF but does lack in LCD Display that is present in RTX 3090 HOF, the display can show Realtime Stats, and cool animations improving the overall aesthetics, so you won't be getting any HOF Panel III Display on the RTX 3080 Ti HOF Cards.

So far, there aren't many photos of the new Graphics Card, and no PCB photos as well, so no PCB shots, so we'll not see the difference Between the 3090s and the 3080s Hall of Fame Graphics Card. However, 3 x 8 PCIe Power connections can still be seen in the images, similar to the RTX 3090 Hall of Fame Cards.
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