How To Get Access To Nvidia GeForce Now In India For Free

Nvidia GeForce Now In India
Nvidia GeForce Now In India

In our list of Best Cloud Gaming Services in 2021, we said Nvidia GeForce Now is the best Cloud Gaming Service due to its impressive features such as very low latency, its cheap price or free gameplay experience of 1 hour per session, support of your pre-existing games so that you don't have to make a purchase on GeForce Now.

Many people are still struggling to play even on 20 FPS on most of the AAA titles on their Potato Laptops, or Desktops. So why waste your time playing on that useless machine, when you can play on Nvidia GeForce Now For Free or $4.99/mo for its Paid Plan which has RTX benefits. The only thing you need is a fast Internet Connection to stream games on your Desktops, Laptops, or even Mobiles & Browsers.

Although Nvidia GeForce Now is not available to be played in every single country in the world including India, meaning you won't be able to Get Access to GeForce Now DIRECTLY in India it's not quite sure when or if it will be available in India until, you can access it through VPN, and we'll show you a trick that will allow you to use GeForce Now in India without VPN (you'll only need to activate VPN for just a few seconds) and Here's How?

How To Get Access To Nvidia GeForce Now?

As we mentioned that GeForce Now will not work in India without VPN, you have to get a VPN first. It's not Rocket Science you just have to Install any VPN Service to your system. If you don't want to Pay for VPN then you can go with Touch VPN as it is free and provides you with an unlimited Data Cap, and 40 Mbps max speed (don't worry this speed limit will not affect our gameplay experience as we'll be turning off the VPN once the GeForce Now Connects us to their Servers) although its the least secure VPN due to its old PPTP VPN Protocol, or if you want to go with a Paid one then Express VPN will be the right one for you. If you buy the 1 Year Plan then you will get it for $6.67/mo with 3 Free Months Extra.

Express VPN - Best Paid VPN for GeForce Now
Express VPN - Best Paid VPN for GeForce Now

Frequently Asked Questions on Nvidia GeForce Now

No, but Yes, actually you just have to keep the VPN turned on until you get connected to one of their servers. Once the game starts appearing on your screen you can turn off the VPN for better Speeds and connectivity

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StarHub announced that they'll be the first ISP to provide GeForce Now Cloud Gaming services in Asia

Yes, Nvidia GeForce Now is Free with 1 Hour Playtime per sessions, after 1 hour of free session time you have to re-run the session for another 1 hour, basically making it free but not in a direct way.

Steam, Ubisoft, Origin, and Epic Games are supported in Nvidia GeForce Noe

Steps to Get Access to Nvidia GeForce Now in India without VPN:

  1. Install and Open any VPN that you have installed (we recommend Touch VPN or Express VPN For GeForce Now)
  2. Connect to any US or European Server such as a Server from California or Sweden
  3. Browse to Nvidia GeForce Now Official Website and Create an account. Next, click on Play
  4.  Now Button will proceed you to the subscription page. Here you are required to either purchase any premium plan or continue with the free one. If you choose the Founder edition, then it will cost you $4.99/month with 6 hours per session, and RTX Support.
  5. Now Download & Install Nvidia GeForce Now for your desired platform
  6. Once Installed sign in to your Nvidia account
  7. Click on any Free-to-play game or a paid game that you own somewhere else in Steam, Epic Games, or Ubisoft Stores
  8. Sync your Game Library
  9. Wait for GeForce Now to connect you to their server
  10. Wait for you to get connected to the server and the screen of their server starts streaming to your device, once done you can turn off the VPN to get the fastest speed and a playable experience. Without turning off the VPN, the speed would not be fast enough to maintain a smooth and lag-free gaming experience
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