Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Design & Blueprint Leaks Out Online: For Intel Alder Lake & More Next-Gen CPU's

Intel LGA 1700 and 1800
Intel LGA 1700 and 1800,  Img by Igor's Lab

The upcoming Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Sockets that will be featured in Intel's upcoming Alder-Lake and some other Next-Generation CPU's has been leaked out by Igor's Lab. We've seen the photos of Intel's LGA 1700 & 1800's Cover which leaked out last week showing the cover labels for both LGA 1700 as well as 1800. The Intel LGA 1700 Sockets will support at least two generations of Intel Processors (Alder Lake, and Raptor Lake), whereas the use of LGA 1800 has not been leaked out yet.

Intel LGA 1700 & LGA 1800 Socket Blueprints

The Alder Lake CPU's will be coming with 'VO' sockets or so-called Intel LGA 1700. The new socket will also change its mounting positions from 78x78mm Grid instead of 75x75mm. You can clearly see in the BluePrints given above that Intel this time has divided to put asymmetrical which ultimately reveals that the Intel Alder Lake CPU's are no longer in square shape. In the previous-gen LGA 12** and 115* sockets, we are seeing a z-heigh of 7.31mm which is changed to 6.529mm in the LGA 1700.

Intel LGA 1700 and 1800
Intel LGA 1700 and 1800, Img by Igor's Lab

These changes would ultimately lead to a few big changes, such as now the Cooler Manufacturers have to ship new mounting brackets in order to support their coolers on Intel Alder Lake and LGA 1700 Sockets.

Moreover, the Intel LGA 1700 Socket connector has just been listed over at Toabo, first spotted by HXL on Twitter for a price of 35 RMB or $5 US.
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