Chromebooks Finally Start Making Sense In India | ChromeBook Analysis In India

ASUS's Chromebook Lineup
ASUS's Chromebook Lineup

India is mostly a Windows Laptop Market which has led Chromebooks with practically little to no room, to be honest, but things are improving for Google's Chromebook in India. There was a time when Chromebook was just a browser and nothing special which made literally 0 sense to buy over windows based laptops and the prices of both Windows & Chromebooks were also quite similar. Also, the shortage of Internet connectivity In India also became a big reason for Chromebook failure in India as they need a continuous stable Internet connection to work. Although, the country's connectivity has been improved by a lot in the Post Jio Era. All this contributed to the disappearance of Chromebooks from the Indian Market that you can't even get one.

As the pandemic emerged throughout the globe, the laptop market also skyrocketed as offices were forced to work from home & classrooms were to go online but still, Chromebooks were still not a good option due to lacking many necessary features. Chromebooks weren't still going to take over the market but they did register a slight improvement in sales.

Now Chromebooks aren't necessarily even trying to compete against Windows laptops and they are priced far more reasonably. Recently ASUS launched their lineup of Chromebooks that includes Convertible laptops & even touch screen variants between the price ranges of just Rs. 17,000 - Rs. 24,000 or $230 - $330 (all variants costs between this price range) and these features can't be seen on Windows department for this less price.

It's been fun watching the progress that Chromebook made over the years. From being a useless browser to being much more and running Android Apps surprisingly well as well as industry-leading software support. Also, there's almost everything available on the web such as Photopea a power photo editor same as photoshop but on the web. 

Chromebooks Shipment Growth Chart
Vendor Q2 2021 Shipments Q2 2021 Market Share Q2 2020 Shipment Q2 2020 Market Share Annual Growth
HP 4320 36.4% 2003 29.5% 115.7%
Lenovo 2560 21.6% 1410 20.8 81.5%
Acer 1861 15.7% 1017 15.0% 83.0%
Dell 1112 9.4% 1271 17.9% -8.7%
Samsung 1093 9.2% 257 6.3% 324.4%
Others 914 7.7% 883 13% 3.6%
Total 11859 100% 6787 100% 74.7
Source Canalys PC Analys

With only a 0.14% market share, Chromebooks sits on the bottom of the Laptop Industry In India. Google's Chromebook still have a long road to success but with fair prices & great features in Chromebooks such as the ASUS's Chromebook Lineup launched recently, you now have at least more reasons to buy it.

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