iPhone 13 Series Will Bring Reverse Wireless Charging Feature


  • iPhone 13 series to feature Reverse Wireless Charging Support due to its bigger coils than the previous series
  • You'll be able to charge Apple Accessories such as iPads or Apple Watched wireless through your iPhone 12
  • Moreover, iPad 2022 might be the first iPad to feature a 'Glass back' and 'Wireless Charging'.

It's being expected that Apple will launch their iPhone 13 series in the coming months of 2021. Rumours and leaks reveal that the device could feature a higher refresh rate with less notch and now the Reverse Charging Feature is being tipped. Rumours say the iPhone 13 series will intentionally have Reverse charging support due to bigger coils than the previous ones.

Now you will be able to charge your iPods & apple watched wirelessly through the Apple iPhone 13 Series

Everything Apple Pro on YouTube revealed that iPhone 13 series will have a slightly bigger Wireless Charging coil, this will enable you to Reverse charge your iPods or Apple watched directly through your iPhone 13. Also, the 'slightly bigger' coils of the iPhone 13 will increase the heat management of the phone as well.

Although Mark Gurman From Bloomberg says Apple is unlikely to allow devices like Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone to wirelessly charge each other "in the near future," According to FCC filings, all models in the ‌iPhone 12‌ lineup have the ability to reverse charge an Apple accessory.

iPhone 13 Series Will Bring Reverse Charging Feature

Wireless Charging in iPad?

Moreover, its also being rumoured that Apple is likely to redesign their iPad series, which means that next year iPad will sport a glass back to put Wireless Charging support into it. If this is the case, then the iPad 2022 is going to be the first iPad to feature both 'Wireless Chargin' & 'Glass Back'.

It's worth noting that Reverse Wireless Charging your Apple Accessories with your iPhone or iPod will consume power directly from iPhone's or iPad's battery.
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