Mi 12 Series Rumoured To Come Along Flagship 898 Chipset, Worlds First 200 MP Camera & 200W Fast Charging support

Mi 12 Series With Snapdragon 898 Chipset, 200 and 200W Fast Charging
Mi 12 Series With Snapdragon 898 Chipset, 200 and 200W Fast Charging

Mi 12 Series Specifications & Launch Date
Mobil Status Upcoming
Launch Date Q1 2022 (expected)
Camera 200MP
Chipset Snapdragon 898
Charging 200W

It's been quite a while since the launch of the Mi 11 series. Now the rumours for Xiaomi's upcoming flagship has already started surfacing around the tech world. Currently, it's been expected that Xiaomi will unveil their Mi 12 Series by Q1 or Q2 2022 but a recent article reveals a lot more about the upcoming Mi 12 Series and the flagship Snapdragon 898 SoC.

An Online Chinese tech media website says the Upcoming Xiaomi Mi 12 is going to be equipped with Qualcomm's Latest Gen flagship chip, the Snapdragon 898 means the Mi 12 is going to be one of the first smartphones to pack a room for Snapdragon 898.


The same article also reveals about LPDDR5X Memory in the Xiaomi Mi 12 as the Snapdragon 898 is getting an upgrade from LPDDR4X to LPDDR5 which will also increase data transfer rates from 6400Mbps to 8533Mbps. It's worth mentioning that the addition of LPDDR5X in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 12 will increase its performance by a lot. The snapdragon 898 is expected to launch later this year based on ARMv9 architecture.

Apart from the Chipset, it's being said that Mi 12 Series is going to pack the worlds first 200 MP camera and a 200W Fast Charging support is also a thing in the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra.

Well, nothing has been official for now. So it's worth waiting for any official leaks, launch details or at least a leaked specs of the Mi 12 series in some benchmarking site such as AnTuTu.

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