The Best VR Headset: Roskosmos XR-1,2 The World's Best Headset is Being Developed In Russia

Roskosmost VR Headset 3d Model
Roskosmost VR Headset 3d Model

Holographica. space, a Russian Tech News Website Reveals that Roscosmos (a state corporation of the Russian Federation responsible for space flights, cosmonautics programs, and aerospace research.) is developing a high-end VR Headset with specs that will rival the best of the market.

As of now, we are aware of two models of the VR Headset. The XR-1, and XR-2. XR-1's specifications include dual 1440x1444 Displays either on 90Hz or 120Hz and a 105° FoV.

The second one, the XR-2 includes a way higher resolution of 2880x2800 per eye with better 157° FoV.

The website suggests, that both VR Devices will use external lase-based tracking. However, there's no information if the Headset will be available outside the US or even for common people in Russia, as Roscosmos is a Space Company and they might be building it for their personal use only (for example testing uses and many more). But if it does launch outside the US for common people, then it's going to rock the VR Headset market and will be the best amongst them.

XR-1 Specs (via

  • Displays - two diagonal of 2.89 inches each
  • Resolution - 2880 × 1440 (1440 × 1440 per eye)
  • Display refresh rate - 90/120 Hz (selectable)
  • Display type - liquid crystal
  • Viewing angle - 105 degrees diagonal
  • Optics - hybrid Fresnel lenses
  • Computer connection - wired
  • Sensors - gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer
  • Connectors - miniDP, miniUSB
  • Power supply - 5 volts
  • Weightless than 500 grams
  • OS Support - Windows 10
  • Positional tracking - laser based on external beacons

XR-2 Specs (via

  • Viewing angle - 157 degrees diagonal
  • Resolution - 5760 × 2880
  • Frequency - 90/120 hertz
  • Eye-tracking - yes
  • Positional tracking - laser with unlimited object tracking area and the ability to track up to 256 objects, motion tracking error is no more than 5 millimetres, two base stations cover an area of ​​200 square meters
  • Support for operating systems and environments - the project's SDK and API will work with Astra Linux (SE), Windows 10 with or without SteamVR, on its own platform
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