2 Ways To Search By Image On Google

If you have an image that you want to use for searching something on Google. You can use the Google Image Search Feature on both your mobiles or desktops. Search By Image on Google can also be done via Google Lens. This How-To Article Will Teach You How?

Method 1: Using Google Search On Desktop

You can use this method on your desktop to search by image on google using any image that you have on your computer or an image’s web address.

Open Google Images. Open to https://images.google.com

2 Ways To Search By Image On Google

Open the given Web Address

Click the Camera Icon (Camera icon - Free download on Iconfinder) placed just after the search bar.

If you want to search the images by a particular keyword, then type it in the Search Bar and press ↵ Enter or click File:Search Icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Select an option to upload the photo. Click any one of the following

Paste Image URL: If you want to upload an image using an image’s web address then paste it in the “Paste Image URL” tab using Ctrl+V (Windows) or ⌘ Command+V (mac).

Upload An Image: Click this tab if you want to use an image you have on your computer.

Review the Results

If your given image is available somewhere else on the www, then Google will show the different versions and sizes of the image (if any) and will also show images that are similar to what you specified.

Meathod 2: Using Google Lens on Mobiles

You can also search by an image using your camera or device pictures through the Google Lens app. Here’s how!

Open Google Lens App On Your Mobile Device

Here either select an image stored locally on your smartphone or use your camera to click a picture and instantly search it on Google.

Review The Results

After you upload an image through your device or your camera, Google will show the uploaded image if available anywhere else on the web and images that are similar.

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