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Four New Processor Families By Intel Revealed at CES 2021

  • Intel Launched 11th Gen Intel Core vPo and Intel Evo vPro Platform
  • New Intel N-series 10-nanometer Intel Pentium Silver and Intel Celeron Processors introduced at CES 2021
  • Intel announced new 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series Mobile Processors for Gaming Platform

CES has been recognized as the best Tech Expo of all time, every year audiences from all over the world await the CES for new tech innovations and New Product Launches.

All well-known Tech Companies participate in the CES expo, be it the companies like AMD, LG, Sony, etc. revealing products from all industries. But there’s a change in CES 2021, because of the Covid Pensamic the CES 2021 is being held totally digital, and all the participating companies are only joining in the CES 2021 digitally.

In the CES 2021 as the keynote, Intel has revealed processors families including 11th Gen Core vPro, Intel Evo vPro, Intel N-Series, and 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series, Lets get into the details of new processor families

Intel 11th Gen Core vPro

Intel has yet again aced in the Processor competition, Intel 11th Gen vPro Platform a business platform that delivers the highest performance combines with comprehensive hardware-based security. Intel vPro Platform is powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core vPro Mobile processors enabling a fantastic experience for IT and end-users and provides better security, performance, and remote manageability.

Advantages of Intel vPro Platform

  • Groundbreaking performance and amazing experiences for business 
  • Comprehensive security features that businesses depend on yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • Leading remote manageability and platform stability

Features of Intel  vPro Platform

  • Intel Iris X graphics – Intel vPro powered by Intel Iris X Graphics enables the users to tobe more productive, creative, collaborative, and increase the performance.
  • Intel Thunderbolt 4 Technology – Intel vPro Platform combined with INtel Thunderbolt 4 Technology offers just one connection for notebook charging, as well as for multiple monitor connectivity to increase productivity.
  • Intel Optane Memory H20 with SSD – Intel Optane Memory H20 with SSD delivers higher performance and provides a large storage capacity.

Intel in CES 2021 also announced the Intel Evo vPro Platform, which provides amazing performance in thin and light design with an immersive visual experience. Intel Evo vPro is designed for the business user laptop. More than 60 new laptops from all top manufacturers will be launching this ear with Intel Evo vPro.

Features of Intel Evo vPro Platform

  • Intel Evo vPro provides 40% improved responsiveness as compared to the laptops from 3 years ago.
  • 4 or more hours of battery life in a 30 minutes charge.
  • Intel Thunderbolt™ 4 technology provides a much faster transfer rate and connectivity.
  • High-Bandwidth Wireless and Wired Connectivity

Intel N-Series Pentium Silver and Celeron Processors

Intel in CES 2021 also launched new N-series processors designed specialty for students, providing an unmatched balance of Performance, Media, and collaboration with the education system.

Intel N-Series processors are designed with Intel’s 10nm architecture that delivers up to 35% better application performance and 78%  better graphics performance. Intel N-Series enables smooth application performance and multitasking, with an advanced camera and connectivity features.

11th Gen Core-H Series Mobile Processors

11th Gen Core-H Series Mobile Processors
11th Gen Core-H Series Mobile Processors

In CES 2021 Intel also announced a new processor line of 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series Mobile Processors for gaming that extends the 11th Gen mobile family of products and provides an unmatched performance on a laptop as thin as millimeters. H-Series processors start from the Intel Core i7 Special Edition 4-core processor with up to 5GHz Turbo. 

New H35 series processors are specially designed for gaming with features like 4 PCI-E architecture.

Features of Intel H-Series Processors

  • Optimizing 11th Gen for power and performance in the best enthusiast platform for gaming & content creation
  • 8 core/16 threads with up to 5GHz on multiple cores 
  • PCIe Gen 4.0 with 20 lanes to power the fastest storage and graphics
  • Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) & Thunderbolt 4

Intel Rocket Lake and Alder Lake Technology

In the CES 2021, Intel also demonstrated the nest gen desktop processor technology for gamers and enthusiasts. The Rocke Lake-S,11th Gen Intel Core S-Series desktop processors featuring 19% improvement in instruction per cycle(IPC), these processors will provide even higher performance to gamers and enthusiasts at Launch in the First Quarter of 2021.

Intel also demonstrated the Alder Lake a Next-Gen x86 architecture and intel’s most power-scalable system-on-chip. Alder lake combines high-performance and high-efficiency cores into a single processor. Intel Alder Lake will be the INtel First processors built with an enhanced version of 10nm SuperFin providing smarter, faster, and more efficient real-world computing.

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