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  • Convert any script or XML/ HTML code to Blogger Friendly Code, and use it in Blogger Template or HTML editor. Using our Blogger Script Converter you can convert the AdSense script which sometimes generates an error when inserted without converting. Or you can convert XML codes to suit the needs of Blogger CMS. 

    Converts Possible with our Blogger Converter:

    • Convert Adsense Codes to Blogger Script
    • Convert Any other Scrip to work with Blogger
    • Convert Blogger Template Codes
    • You can convert any other third-party script to Blogger Script
    • You can convert XML codes as well 

    If you face any issues please let us know in the comment section below

    If you have any of the following questions then our tool can help you

    • How to script to Blogger Script?
    • How to convert Wordpress XML to Blogger XML?

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